Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care now offer the “Gentle Vision Shaping System”; contact lens devices worn overnight which brace your current prescription much like dental retainers brace your teeth. Also known as OrthoK, Orthokeratology, CRT, corneal refractive therapy etc, If you are bothered by annual changes in your eyeglass and contact lens prescription or are concerned that your vision is worsening, GVSS may be the solution for you. This method of non-surgical reversal of myopia has been around for over 30 years. GVSS in many cases temporarily reverses significant amounts of myopia and astigmatism and in most cases people who wear their GVSS while asleep can go contact lens and eyeglass free with excellent vision during waking hours! The procedure costs much less than lasik or other vision correction surgeries and results are seen just as quickly with no surgical risk. For more information on GVSS, contact our office to set up a complimentary evaluation.

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