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4 Criteria Every LASIK Candidate Should Meet

Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care is proud to offer LASIK as an effective vision correction option. This procedure is a lasting solution to refractive errors, reducing your reliance on prescription eyewear. To determine whether you are a candidate for LASIK, we will perform a comprehensive eye exam. Here are four basic requirements you have to meet:

4 Criteria Every LASIK Candidate Should Meet

1. Good Understanding of the Procedure, Potential Effects and Possible Risks

Although LASIK is considered a safe way to correct refractive errors, it does involve minor risks, just like any other surgery. Rest assured that your trusted optometrist will explain everything you need to know about the procedure. We’ll also answer any questions you have, so you can make an informed about whether to move forward with the procedure.

2. Stable Eyesight

Your reliable eye doctor will assess your eyes to see if they are in a stable condition. We need to confirm that your visual acuity has remained the same for at least a year. If you have any active eye infections, corneal irregularities or other uncontrolled eye conditions, we will treat them before re-evaluating you for LASIK.

3. You Are at Least 18 Years of Age

To be approved for LASIK, you must be at least 18 years old on the day of the surgery. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved LASIK for minors.

4. Good Overall Health

Having good overall health plays a major role in ensuring the success and effectiveness of the laser eye surgery. It is also a determining factor in your ability to recover quickly and heal completely.

The most reliable way to find out if you are a good LASIK candidate is to have your eyes checked. Call us today at (301) 859-4060 or complete our form to request an appointment. We serve Washington, DC, Rockville, MD and Alexandria, VA.

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We are located between Rockville and Gaithersburg, near the Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center and the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus off West Montgomery Ave on Shady Grove Road. For more detailed driving instructions, see below.


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