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Benefits and Features of Drivewear

Although driving is a routine task, it can still be a challenging activity. If you have vision impairment, you need optimum visual assistance to ensure your ease and safety when driving. Prescription and polarized eyewear may have answered these eye care needs in the past, but with the advancements in technology, a new category of lenses has emerged.

Your trusted optometrist in Rockville, MD, from Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care explains the features and benefits of Drivewear.


This features photochromic and polarized lenses, which can sense changing light conditions behind your car’s windshield and react accordingly. Whether in a bright environment or during gloomy weather, it can provide optimum visual aid, comfort, and safety.

Not only are they functional, as they can also add stylish appeal. After we perform a comprehensive eye exam in Alexandria, VA, we may prescribe these special lenses. You may choose your frame glasses to go with these special lenses.


This innovation combines two of the most advanced technologies in the eyewear industry: polarized and photochromatic lenses. Their combination allows increased sensation to light changes inside and outside your vehicle. Depending on the weather condition, your lenses will range from a bright greenish yellow to bold reddish brown. Under the outdoor daylight, the lenses may turn to a reddish-brown or copper color.


Drivewear provides glare protection by automatically adjusting their tint. In low light or overcast weather, the lenses change to a greenish-yellow hue to provide high contrast. This can lessen glare, while maximizing useful light information reaching the eye. This ensures optimum visual acuity while you are driving. With each color transition, they ensure protection for your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

This transition reduces glare, while providing good traffic signal recognition. We recommend these lenses for your eyeglasses in Alexandria, VA, since they can block up to 100% of UV rays of the sun. This can help prevent UV-induced ocular changes in your eyes.

Part of our commitment to ensure your vision health is to keep your visual comfort whenever you are behind the wheel. If you have any further questions on Drivewear, call us at (301) 859-4060. You may also complete our form to schedule an appointment.

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