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Blinking Exercises You Can Try for Greater Eye Comfort

Proper blinking can improve eye comfort, cleanse your eyes, and ease the strain on your vision. In particular, blinking exercises can help individuals with dry eye or keratoconus. Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care explains what you need to know about blinking, and talks about a few blinking exercises.

The Importance of Blinking

Prolonged use of digital devices tends to slow down our blinking. As an eye specialist in Alexandria, VA, we recommend blinking every 4 seconds, or about 15 times a minute. Blinking coats the eye with a fresh layer of tears, cleans the eye’s surface, and moisturizes it.

Blinking coats the eye with three beneficial layers of tears. The first creates an even coat of protein-rich moisture for the second layer. The second layer helps wash away foreign debris and nourishes the eyes. The third prevents evaporation and provides lubrication for your eyelids and eyes.

Blinking Exercises for Keratoconus

For people with keratoconus, this blinking exercise might help. As always, it’s important to consult with our skilled optometrist in Potomac, MD, before beginning this exercise. Set aside five blinking sessions a day for two weeks. These sessions will last one minute and you may spread them throughout the day.

In each session, look into each of the five forward directions and blink ten times into each direction. The directions are up, down, left, right, and straight. This will wash the eye with tears and improve comfort while wearing contacts.

Blinking Exercises for Dry Eye

As an expert in eye care and laser eye surgery in Rockville, MD, we recommend several blinking exercises for those with dry eyes. Close your eyes quickly, squeeze them, and feel your facial muscles moving for three to five seconds. Open your eyes slowly and relax your facial muscles. Keep your eyes open for another three to five seconds and repeat this process six to seven times.

We also recommend another blinking sequence. Close your eyes completely, pause for two seconds, and then open them. Right after close your eyes again, pause for two seconds, squeeze your eyes, and then open them and relax. You need to do this sequence every 10-12 minutes for 30 days.

These blinking exercises can help keep the right amount of moisture in your eyes surface. For best results, it is important to talk to a qualified eye doctor so they can recommend a personalized solution to your eye problems. Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care is a nationally renowned practice. As the regional leader in vision and eye care, we provide a wide range of services. Call us at (301) 859-4060 to learn more about blinking. You can also schedule an appointment.

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