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Contact Lens Compliance

Contact Lens Compliance and Eye Health Concerns

If you have not been in for a contact lens check-up within the calendar year, we hope to help you understand the importance of regular eye care and risks associated with long term contact lens use.

The contact lens sits directly on the cornea. If the lenses have become warped, if protein has built up, if you wear lenses longer than you should before properly cleaning them, they may be causing problems that you are not aware of. If you are experiencing blurred vision or any unusual discomfort, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. To maintain good vision and healthy eyes it is imperative to have regular check-ups. It is possible that by not following the recommended wearing and cleaning procedure you can cause yourself to be unable to wear lenses in the future and you can damage your eyes. We will automatically remind you of your appointment by letter and postcard annually. If for some reason you fail to receive notification, be sure to keep your contact lens check-ups current.

Can Contacts Stop Nearsightedness in Children

In a three-year study conducted at the University of Houston, a test group of children was divided into those who wore Oxygen Permeable contact lenses and kids who wore glasses. Those in glasses developed three times more nearsightedness than those who wore contact lenses. Although there was a rebound effect then those who wore contacts stopped wearing them, nearsightedness was still significantly less than in those w ho wore glasses only. Several other studies are underway to determine the validity of this study and the reasons behind the effect.

Cosmetics and Contact Lenses

While some cosmetics may interfere with contact lens performance and the wearer ‘s tolerance for contacts, others are hypo-allergenic and doctor-tested for safe and healthful use. Some rules to go by:

  • Insert lenses before applying eye makeup and take them out before removing cosmetics.
  • Use hair spray and other aerosols before lenses are inserted
  • Allow time for the aerosol mist to settle from the air or go to a diferent area before handling lenses.
  • Completely remove residual cosmetics from you hands with mild, additive-free soap before handling lenses.
  • Use cream shadows instead of powders and avoid using shadows with glitters.
  • Use water based cosmetic formulations
  • Avoid using mascaras containing fibers for extra lash length
  • Avoid using saliva to wet applicators
  • Don ‘t apply eyeliners and pencils inside the upper or lower eyelid margin

Q: I want to get contact lenses but can’t decide between hard or soft lenses. Which is better?
A: The decision may be up to your eyes. Not everyone can wear both types. Only after thoroughly examing your eyes and vision will we be able to tell you whether you can wear hard lenses, soft lenses or both. If either will work for you, keep these things in mind. I lard lenses generally last longer, provide sharper vision and may cost less than soft lenses. But the adaptation period is longer, and one can’t switch back and forth with glasses as easily. Soft lenses offer greater wearing comfort, especially in the early stages. They rarely slip or fall off the eye and are not as likely to get dust or dirt trapped beneath them, causing irritation. But, they may not work for all your vision problems, particularly if you have severe astigmatism. We can advise you not only about hard and soft lenses but about the different kinds of hard and soft lenses that will provide good vision for you.

Q: I have astigmatism and was told I couldn’t wear contacts. Is that true?
A: No. Most people with astigmatism can wear contact lenses. The fitting procedure takes more time and certain lenses don’t provide vision as good as glasses, but only in special circumstances can an astigmat not be fitted with contact lenses.


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