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Everything You Need to Know About Dry Eyes

Eye stinging, redness, fatigue, and blurred vision are all symptoms of dry eye. This happens when your eyes cannot produce the right amount of tears. Having dry eyes make it difficult to perform daily activities and reduces your tolerance against dry environments.

There are three types of dry eye issues:

• Aqueous tear-deficient – This is when the lacrimal glands fail to produce enough tears to keep a healthy eye surface. Causes of tear deficiency include aging, tear gland damage due to inflammation or radiation, and laser eye surgery (although temporary). An optometrist in Potomac, MD, can also link dry eyes to medical conditions like diabetes, lupus, arthritis, and vitamin A deficiency.

• Evaporative – This occurs when you have inflammation in the meibomian glands. You blink less often due to concentration and you have eyelid problems. Increased tear evaporation also happens due to wind, dry air, and smoke.

• Tear makeup imbalance – Tears have three basic layers: fatty oils, water, and mucus. If any of these have issues, there will be an imbalance in tear production.

Whenever you experience dry eye symptoms, a professional eye specialist in Rockville, MD will recommend LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation technology. Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care is the first clinic to treat patients with dry eye using LipiFlow. This procedure includes applying heat and gentle pressure to the inner eyelids. This releases lipids from the meibomian glands, which allows your eyes to produce the elements needed for tears.

When you come to our clinic, we will determine the cause of dry eyes so that we can recommend the right treatment option. We will then evaluate the symptoms, tear film, and gland function. We can also treat dry eye issues after you’ve had your laser eye surgery in Rockville, MD.

Treating dry eyes is important because it prevents permanent loss of gland function, poor vision problems, and additional cell damage. With LipiFlow, you don’t have to experience stressed, painful, or dry eyes.

To learn more about dry eyes and our LipiFlow treatment, call us at (301) 859-4060. You can also schedule an appointment through our contact form.

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