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Everything You Need to Know About Eyelid Spasms

Have your eyes suddenly twitching for no apparent reason? When your eyes repeatedly and involuntarily jerk, then you may have blepharospasm, also known as eyelid tics. While this may seem harmless and common, this may also indicate an underlying ocular problem. Let your expert optometrist from Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care explain this condition in detail.

 Eyelid Spasms

Root Causes and Risk Factor

Your body’s muscle movements are controlled by a specific part of your brain called the basal ganglia. Any irregularities in this structure may result in problems with the muscle activities in your body, including those within your eyes’s orbit. Although the root reason for this remains unknown, there are various factors which may contribute to blepharospasm development. High doses of caffeine and alcohol as well as malnutrition and overexertion of your body are common risk factors.

Constant stress, lack of sleep and digital eye strain may tire out your eyes, causing them to spontaneously twitch. Using incorrect lens powers may also force your eyes to work harder, leading to spasms. Some eye conditions like dry eyes and eye allergies may also result in eye jerking. This problem may be a complication of underlying medical problems too like dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, Bell’s palsy or Tourette’s syndrome. To ensure an accurate diagnosis, we may have you undergo a comprehensive eye exam for a more thorough evaluation.

General Types

Blepharospasm has three major types. The essential kind happens when rapid blinking of your eyes may force them to close, causing you temporary vision loss. Hemifacial spasms, on the other hand, occur when the muscles on one side of your face deteriorate, resulting in a sudden closure of the affected eye. Lastly, myokymia pertains to the mild twitching of your eyes, which may affect only one eye at a single time.

Our Suggested Remedies

We will create a treatment regimen based on the presenting symptoms and underlying cause. If improper lens prescription, for example, causes your eyes to uncontrollably twitch, we may perform a refraction exam to establish the correct lens power for your eyeglasses or contact lenses. We may also prescribe muscle-relaxing medications. Studies show that Botox injections may help control this condition’s progression as well.

For more information about blepharospasm, call us at (301) 859-4060, or complete our form. We serve Rockville and nearby MD areas as well as Alexandria and surrounding VA communities.

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