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Eye Relaxation Exercise

Eyestrain Relaxation Exercise

Eye Relaxation Exercises float: left; margin-right: 1rem;The room should be totally dark and quiet. Make sure there will be no interruptions. Music does not help this exercise. It works best on cool, cotton sheets. The temperature in the room should be somewhat cool as well. Lay on your back, close your eyes and think of cool, blue water. Not only cool, blue water, but cool, blue water full of nutrients and vitamins; the kind of water that not only refreshes, but revitalizes. Think of the water as a life force; something that is going to renew and invigorate you. It is bluer and cooler than any water you have ever been in, and your tired, aching body is so in need of this water – it is desperate for the water. It needs to heal.

The water is in a huge, clear, spherical crystal container, and at the base of the crystal container is a two headed faucet. You are relaxing and laying with your feet just under the two faucet heads – as a matter of fact, you find that by putting each big toe into one of the faucets, you can feel the coolness and revitalization the water has to offer. With your mind, turn on the faucets and let the water run into the empty shells of your feet. Visualize the water running down the inside arch of your foot and pooling in your heel, gradually filling up both feet. Think of the coolness and the blueness as it replaces the heat and stress in your feet muscles. The fluid moves up toward your toes and starts to leak down inside of your leg towards your ankles. It is filling up your little toes and moving towards filling up all your toes, and when your feet are totally immersed in the revitalizing, blue water, the water starts to fill up your ankles and slowly, gradually fills up your calves and the rest of your lower leg. You may find at the calve that you have trouble imagining the water moving farther up the leg; the water seems stuck and your mind isn’t letting it get past easily. You may also find that the water above the calf flows freely and can get around and past the calf, but water is not filling it up. The calf is a tense muscle; we use it everyday walking, exercising and just living life. It can be VERY tense. Work on the calf area before letting the water get up toward the knee – it is very important that you work the cool, soothing water into all those tense, overworked muscles. After they have been treated by being filled up with our water, they will relax and be revitalized. You will run into other tense muscles and will recognize parts of your body you didn’t even realize were overworked or overstressed. You may find that one leg is slower in filling than the other; work on that leg and try to let them fill up as equally as possible. The exercise is the same; spend time letting the blue water run around the area and gradually saturate it. Let it work it’s way in and replace the stress. After your calf is filled, move upward in the leg, past the knees, fill up the hamstrings and the quads in both legs. Enjoy it as it spills down to fill up your gluteus and starts to fill your torso, moving slowly upwards. The torso area is usually easy, until you get to the upper back, so fill it up and see if you can get to the arms to allow the liquid to run down both arms, filling up the fingers and working it’s way back toward the shoulder’s again. Shoulders can be another tense area, so take your time as the fluid massages itself in and out of crevasses, gradually filling up the area and taking over the upper back. When both arms are filled, shoulders and backs, the fluid will work it’s way up the neck and start filling the head from the base of the brain. Let it fill the back of the head first and try to gradually fill the skull. Just as muscle stress can make certain areas of the body difficult to fill, so can emotional stress, so if the upper back, neck and skull give you trouble, try to let go of the emotional stress that is holding you up. It may be only for the moment, but this exercise will help you soul as well, so try to let go of the little things in life that worry you, and write off the big things for now. Don’t let it get in the throat, but the eyes should be last. When the fluid has filled up the skull cavity and is filling up your eye sockets, you will almost be asleep – just as the cool feeling hits the back of your eyelids, you will rest deeper, more comfortably and more relaxed than you have rested in a long time. You will savor your newly refreshed body; every molecule has been replaced with this medicinal water; You will feel your heart rate is slower, your muscles looser and your spirit as relaxed as your physical body. Your spirit will be renewed, and problems that seemed so grand before will not have the same all-encompassing presence in your life as they did before the exercise. Think of beautiful colors, shapes and things, but don’t think of people, places or things of this world.

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