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Refractive Errors: Types and Their Management

Your sense of sight is a complex process that relies on the flawless function of numerous components in your visual system. Any infirmities to these eye structures may interfere with the way light rays are bent when they enter your eyes, leading to refractive errors. Here, your local eye doctor from Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care discusses four types of refractive errors:


A cornea that is asymmetrically curved or a lens with an uneven surface may cause astigmatism. This can lead to blurry, wavy, or even distorted near- and far-range vision. It’s usually corrected with toric lenses, which have a sliced donut shape to compensate for your eyes’ structural irregularities, allowing you to see clearly at different refractive levels.


This refractive error is general age-related. Over time, the natural lenses of your eyes start to become more rigid, limiting their flexibility. This results in a decline in their focusing ability, making it difficult for you to see nearby objects clearly. We may recommend wearing bifocal lenses, which contain prescriptions for both your distant and near viewing ease. We also suggest undergoing a comprehensive eye exam so we can check for any other signs of age-related eye problems.

Myopia (Nearsightedness)

Having an overly curved cornea or an elongated eyeball causes light to incorrectly focus in front of the retina rather than directly upon it. People with myopia can see nearby objects clearly, but distant objects appear blurry. We may advise wearing prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses to help you see better.

Hyperopia (Farsightedness)

An eyeball that’s unusually short or a cornea that’s too rigid may cause light to incorrectly settle at the back of your retina. People with hyperopia struggle to see nearby objects, while their far-range vision remains sharp. Wearing prescription eyewear is the standard treatment for this refractive error.

We may also suggest using ortho k lenses or undergoing laser eye surgery once we determine the best method for your situation. We’ll explain your condition and available options in detail during your visit. Call us today at (301) 859-4060 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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