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Contact Lens Exams, Fittings, & Brands

Keeping Contacts Comfortable: Your Annual Exam, Fitting, & More

No other eyes are shaped quite like yours, nor do anyone else’s eyes refract light in the exact same way. Considering this, it’s easy to see why a proper contact lens exam and fitting is vital to your comfort and vision.

Contact Lens Exam

Your eyeglasses prescription only covers the refractive status of your eyes, while a contact lens prescription includes much more information. Beyond refractive status, contact lenses prescriptions include the curvature of the lens, the diameter and thickness requirement, and what material is needed for your comfort. For this reason, it is critical to have a formal contact lens appointment every year.

Book a contact lens appointment at Shady Grove Eye & Vision Care.

Contact Lens Fitting

A contact lens is a medical device that sits right on the surface of your eye. If the lens is not fit properly, it can cause complications to both your sight and your eye health. At your fitting, we will ask you about your lifestyle and hobbies to help us determine the most suitable contacts for you from a variety wear types. Some people prefer extended-wear while other would rather have daily disposables. This discussion with your optometrist can ensure the lenses you choose are a good fit not only for your eyes but also for the life you lead.

Since each eye is unique, we do a lot of tests to ensure you get the right contacts for you. We measure the curvature of your eyes through corneal topography, digital imaging that allows us to create a 3D map of your cornea. An amplitude scan, or A-scan for short, gives us an accurate readout of your eyeball length. Meibography measures your natural tear film to ensure it contains the right balance of meibum, or oils and tears, for contact lens comfort. When we add these measurements together, we get an accurate, three-dimensional look at your eye.

Types of Contact Lenses

Those who have been told they are not a good candidates for contact lenses may get a different answer at Shady Grove Eye & Vision Care. We are experts in contact lenses and carry a number of specialty contact lenses so we can care for a wider range of eye conditions. Talk to our optometrists to find out if any of the following would benefit your vision.

For those with severe astigmatism or keratoconus, wearing contact lenses is a challenge. Scleral lenses can change that. These large lenses fit over the cornea and part of the sclera (the white part of the eye) for clear, stable vision. Fit properly, these contact lenses will not rotate, meaning you get comfortable and crisp vision all the time.

Also known as orthokeratology, these lenses offer temporary relief from myopia through a method called corneal refractive therapy. These lenses are worn overnight only, gently reshaping the cornea as the wearer sleep. Some patients can go without glasses or contact lenses for the entire next day. These lenses are good for children as well as adults.

Offering an increased depth of focus for nearsighted and farsighted patients, these lenses are characterized by their shape. Aspheric means they vary in curvature. This creates a more specific focal point on the back of the eye and can enhance the quality of vision.

These lenses are shaped to correct both the vertical and horizontal refractions which differ in those with astigmatism. These contact lenses stop objects from looking blurred, tilted or stretched. Toric lenses are weighted in order to keep them from rotating and moving, making it a necessity to have them fit properly.

Combining the power of the distance and near prescriptions into one lens. Younger patients with myopia or older patients with presbyopia can benefit from these lenses. Multifocal contact lenses correct vision deficiencies without causing strain in other areas.

For those who suffer from keratoconus or irregular corneas, hybrid lenses combine the comfort of soft lenses with the refractive power of rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. The outer portion is flexible, keeping the lens comfortable, while the inner portion is rigid creating a sharper image.

Synergeyes is a specialty contact lens company that specialize in hybrid contact lenses. They make a variety of hybrid lenses that include multifocal lenses, post-surgery lenses, or lenses made specifically for patients with keratoconus, high astigmatism, or irregular corneas.

Our Contact Lens Brands

We offer one of the largest selections of contact lenses in the area. We trust in brands like Johnson & Johnson, Alcon, and Bausch + Lomb. We also offer Proclear, Biofinity, and Naturalvue contact lenses, so you know we are going to find the best fit for your eyes before you leave our office. Talk to our opticians or start check out our brands online.

To make your appointment just that much easier, we offer direct deposit from the following providers:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Health Care
  • BCBS
  • VSP
  • Eyemed


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