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Strabismus: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

When you look at an object, your eyes use six muscles that work together to produce an image. Strabismus develops when they fail to coordinate with each other, with one eye focusing in one direction and the other eye in another. This has led to the layman’s term “crossed eyes”.

As a result, two different images may be sent to the brain, forcing it to pay more attention to the image sent by the stronger eye. Over time, the non-reception of the brain to the weaker eye may lead to its loss of vision. This is known as amblyopia or “lazy eye”.

Let Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care discuss this condition in detail.


Most cases of strabismus are congenital, meaning that heredity plays an important role in its development. You may notice its manifestation as early as one year of age. That said, your optometrist in Potomac, MD, reminds you that older children and adults may also develop it. Certain complications, such as stroke, tumors, or thyroid problems, are often related to its occurrence in your older years.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

The hallmark sign of this condition is the misalignment of the eyes itself. You may also notice compensatory mannerisms such as squinting, eye rubbing, or head tilting. If you notice any of these, we recommend seeing our eye doctors immediately.

Through a comprehensive eye exam, our trusted eye specialist in Alexandria, VA, may detect this condition. To assess your eyes’ alignment, we may perform a cover/uncover test. We will ask you to cover one eye while having you read from a chart, then administer the same test to the other eye. We may also perform a neurological assessment to determine any underlying medical conditions.


As part of your initial treatment plan, we may prescribe corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. This can help straighten the alignment of your eyes and restore their binocular abilities. If we identify amblyopia, we may also advise wearing an eyepatch on the stronger eye for a certain period. This will help the brain recognize the weaker eye.

We may also recommend vision therapy. This involves sets of therapeutic eye muscle exercises to enhance their coordination. If they do not work, we might advise undergoing muscle surgery. This will help lengthen or re-arrange the eye muscles to facilitate better teamwork.

At Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care, we have the expertise and instruments to help you achieve clearer vision. From eye exams to laser eye surgery in Rockville, MD, there are many ways for us to help you. Call us at (301) 859-4060 or complete our form to schedule an appointment.

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