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Things You Need to Know About Corneal Arcus

The organs in your body undergo various changes over time, structurally and functionally. For example, your eyes may undergo structural changes during middle age that reduce your quality of eyesight. One typical age-related eye condition you may have heard about is corneal arcus.

What Is Corneal Arcus?

Also referred to as arcus senilis, this condition occurs when you have high levels of low-density lipids, triglycerides, or cholesterol in your blood. This causes some of the excess fats to deposit in your cornea’s peripheries, appearing as white, gray, or blue rings in your eyes. Your expert eye doctor explains that this condition typically develops in middle age.

While aging is a major risk factor for corneal arcus, younger individuals can develop the condition too, in which case it is called arcus juvenilis. A personal or family history of hyperlipidemia, a condition characterized by increased lipids in your blood, may also increase your risk.

How Corneal Arcus Is Managed

In most cases, corneal arcus does not produce visual irregularities. It typically affects both eyes, but in some cases only one eye has a grayish arc around the cornea, which may be a sign of poor blood circulation. We recommend seeking help from your eye specialist, so we can perform an eye exam to confirm if the corneal ring is part of the natural aging process or an indication of reduced blood flow.

We may also suggest having your lipid levels and blood circulation assessed. We will also provide tips on bolstering your visual health as you age. Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly are some good ways to keep your eyes healthy. We recommend wearing sunglasses with 100% UV protection when outdoors and safety goggles when doing hazardous tasks as well.

For more information about corneal arcus, laser eye surgery, or any other visual health-related concerns, complete our form to schedule an appointment. We combine our knowledge, experience, and advanced technologies to keep your eyes in great shape. We serve Washington, DC, Rockville, MD, and Alexandria, VA.

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