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Warning Signs of Vision Problems in Adults

While some vision problems (like refractive errors) are fairly obvious, others are tougher to spot, especially in their early stages. Here, your trusted optometrist from Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care shares some common red flags that may indicate an underlying vision problem in adults.

Restricted Peripheral Vision

Glaucoma occurs when your eyes are unable to effectively drain fluids, resulting in increased intraocular pressure. Eventually, this pressure buildup can damage your optic nerve, which can lead to limited peripheral visual access.

Dark Spots Across Your Visual Field

Diabetes leads to increased sugar levels in your blood, making it thicker. This may result in poor blood flow circulation, reducing the amount of nutrients and oxygen delivered to your retina. This complication is commonly referred to as diabetic retinopathy, and it usually manifests with dark spots across your visual field. We recommend having a comprehensive eye exam regularly, especially if you are diabetic, so that if you develop this condition we can catch it right away and begin treatment before it progresses.

Limited Central Vision

The root cause of age-related macular degeneration is still unknown, however, studies show is positively correlated with advanced age. This condition occurs when the macula—a component of your retina—begins to deteriorate. You may gradually begin to lose your central vision when this happens.

Cloudy Vision

As you age, the protein component of your eyes’ natural lenses may develop clumps, restricting light entry. This often results in cloudy vision, a sign of cataract development. Since overexposure to UV light may increase your risk of developing cataracts, we suggest wearing sunglasses or photochromic eyeglasses whenever spending time outdoors.

The conditions discussed here are often hard to detect in their early stages, which is why it’s key to understand the signs. Undergoing regular eye exams is another essential part of your preventive eye care. Our optometrists have the skills and experience to identify and treat these visual health problems before they advance.

Call us today at (301) 859-4060 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve Rockville, MD, Alexandria, VA, and the nearby areas.

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