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What is Dry Eye Disease? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Aside from providing lubrication, your tears also wash away foreign debris in your eyes. They help keep the surface of the eyes smooth, providing you clear vision. When your eyes fail to produce an adequate amount or consistent quality of tears, dry eye syndrome may occur.

Let your local eye doctor in Rockville, MD, from Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care provide some information about this condition.

Causes and Risk Factors

Tears consist of three layers: water, oil, and mucus. They help spread the tears evenly over the surface of the eye and prevent their rapid evaporation. Deficiencies or irregularities with any of these components may result in this condition.

As s potential part of the aging process, dry eye is more common among people over 65 years. Certain medications, conditions, and even prolonged use of contact lenses are associated with dry eye.

Environmental factors, such as exposure to wind, smoke, and dry climates, can increase the rate of tear evaporation. Failure to blink regularly, such as when staring at a computer screen for a prolonged time, may also be a cause.

Common Signs and Symptoms

You may notice redness, itchiness, or burning sensation in your eyes. A gritty or sandy feeling is also common. Eye pain and discharges may also manifest in severe cases.

The lack of lubrication in your eyes leads to your decreased tolerance in reading or wearing of your contact lenses in Washington, DC. If not treated immediately, blurred vision or even vision loss may happen. Be sure to consult us here at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care to manage the condition.

Our Recommended Management

For preventive measures, we recommend frequent blinking and resting of your eyes when reading or using your computer. We may also advise taking of nutritious food and increasing your daily water intake.

Since treatment depends on its causative factor, our priority is to determine its underlying cause. This is especially important if a certain medical condition or medication causes your dry eyes. As initial assessment, you may answer our dry eye questionnaire. After you complete it, we encourage you to visit our eye specialists. They may provide a comprehensive eye exam in Washington, DC to help us come up with a better treatment regimen according to your needs and lifestyle.

If you have any further questions on dry eye syndrome, call us at (301) 859-4060. You may also complete our form to schedule an appointment.

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