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What Is Keratoconus?

The cornea refers to the dome-shaped structure covering your eyes’ front area. Its clear and smooth features play important roles in accurately bending light rays toward your retina. When its supporting protein fibers weaken, however, this may lead to its disfiguration, a condition known as keratoconus. For your understanding, let your expert eye doctor discuss this in detail.

Causes And Risk Factors

Your cornea is supported by tiny protein fibers. When they thin out over time, your cornea may start to lose its spherical form and take a cone-like shape instead. Currently, its root cause remains unidentified. That said, heredity is a major risk factor for this condition. Frequently rubbing your eyes, habitually wearing ill-fitted contact lenses, and other eye diseases may make you more likely of having this problem as well. Studies reveal that enzyme imbalances and oxidative damage in your eyes may result in this condition too.

Common Symptoms

It’s possible to have keratoconus on one or both eyes at a single time. Although symptoms may vary for each eye, the corneal shape irregularities will eventually lead to an impaired light-bending cycle in your eyes. You may experience difficulties recognizing figures at different distances. You may also develop eye irritations and increased light sensitivity. As the disease advances, corneal swelling, abrasion, and scars are common as well. If you notice any of these, head to your trusted eye clinic for a comprehensive eye exam.

Our Recommended Management

Upon confirming keratoconus, we may prescribe using corrective eyewear for your better viewing ease. In particular, we may recommend scleral contact lenses. They have a larger diameter than your regular ones, ranging from 14.5 to 24 mm. Their wide surface area allows them to cover most of your cornea, acting as a substitute for its structural infirmities. This helps bend light rays properly for your better visual acuity.

For reliable eye disease treatment, turn to Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care. Apart from keratoconus management, we also provide high-quality eyewear, laser eye surgery, and more. Call us today at (301) 859-4060 or complete our form to schedule an appointment. We serve Washington, DC, as well as areas near Rockville, MD, and Alexandria, VA.

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